Apparently we’re not meant to Automate Bonusly…

Everyone in their job has a low importance, easy to forget, process driven responsibility that always get’s forgotten….

…for me that’s Bonusly.

Every month, from my employer, I am allocated 100 ‘Bonusly points’ which I can distribute to employees as a way of thanking them for going above and beyond to help.

Most months I spend them all before the end of the month, but sometimes it slips my mind. This sounds like a job for SOAR:

  • Scheduled for the end of the month
  • Prescriptive in nature (aka tedious and distracting)
  • I need to visualise at the end
  • APIs are available

High Level Needs

I want to only automate unused points, so I will run the process at the end of the month (30th) to consume anything currently unspent.

There are a list of people that help me a LOT on Slack, so I want to distribute any remaining points between that list.

Therefore I will spend 10 points per Appreciation, and repeat until points<10.

There are many ways to build this, but for today I want to keep the design as simple as possible.

We're gonna Need a montage - SouthPark Bad Time meme | Meme Generator
(joke, I can’t afford a montage clip)

Implement: Playbook

Simply, each time it runs it checks if I have more than 10 points to give, if yes then select a user and submit the Bonusly request.

You can see in this Playbook every task has the “lightning” symbol which shows each task is fully automated, i.e. no manual steps/validation.

Implement: Scheduling

As I only want to spend “unused” points I want to only trigger this at specific times, so I will use the advanced CRON timing.

For anyone that doesn’t know CRON, this essentially says:

  • Run every 30 minutes
  • Between 09:00 and 14:00
  • On the 30th of every month

Dashboarding / Visibility

I always love creating dashboards, because with automation it’s easy to lose visibility.

So I have tweaked my incident layout for a quick view on each Bonusly ‘Give’

And built a mini dashboard for trends over time (distribution is sporadic and uneven as I develop the usecase):


Love: helpful people, saying thank you, SOAR

Hate: Wasting time, losing my allowance